Thursday, 16 February 2012

Same sex marriage - freedom and choice not right and wrong

One of the big topics of conversations on the "diversity agenda" in politics at the moment is same sex marriage.

The debate that we often see from the left is the same old "this is right" and "this is wrong". Ironically this is the same debate we have seen from some religions over the years to "morally" justify certain positions or practice. I've also seen people in the pro gay marriage camp labelling all catholics "homophobic" and bigots...

My position is this is a completely unhelpful and the wrong starting point for a fair and "free" world.

We have seen some rather positive commentary from prominent conservatives pointing out the value of marriage in society and the importance it plays in day to day life and how opening it up to all would only add further to the benefit we all receive and for its place in wider society. We need to be sending this message out when we discuss same sex marriage rather than the negative divisive campaigning I often hear when the issue is discussed.

I don't want a society where we force the catholic church to marry gay people I'm not catholic and so its for catholics to have that debate within their own religion rather than the government to legislate religious belief...but equally its not the catholic churches place to tell other religions who want to carry out same sex marriage and are open to it that they shouldn't be allowed.

Put simply we need to move this debate on from one of "right and wrong" to one around "freedom and choice" as conservatives we agree legislation should be about protecting freedoms not micro managing the economy and day to day life that's a message I support fully and we need to follow here.

Let's legislate for freedom and leave religions to sort out the choice...


  1. Hear, hear! Isn't always those with an ideological agenda (religion, left-wing politics) who want to throw up barricades all over the place. Whatever happened to 'live and let live'?

  2. Is there a single recorded instance of the left saying Catholics should be forced to wed gay people? No. It's always been about freedom.

    Welcome to the left wing point of view!