Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Pasties, Petrol and the Taxman

After the Chancellor announced in May that the UKs beloved Pasty was to become the next income generator for the treasury we saw the power of public opinion in action. Greggs didnt need to spend millions on an advertising campaign, bill boards and public affairs gurus they simply put the facts to the people and let the people speak for themselves.

Now the time has come for Shell, BP and the supermarkets to follow Greggs lead and let the public decide on whether petrol tax is reasonable or not. We dont need big glossy campaigns or the tax payers alliance rolling out another toxic ex Tory now ukip spokesperson to condemn the government. We need one simple action to solve this situation once and for all....

The time has come to display the price of tax free petrol on every pump in the land, on every large electronic petrol station sign and on every customer receipt. Any public affairs consultant worth their soul should be telling these companies put the issue to the public the level of tax is so excessive just seeing it in black an white us shocking. If people are happy continuing to pay some of the highest petrol prices in the western world great, but i think you'll find your average motorist soon gets sick of seeing the hundreds of pounds they are handing over to the chancellor each month just to drive to work....

Petrol prices are destroying small businesses who cant afford to pass costs onto their customers, causing inflation through higher prices where retailers have passed on the costs and damaging hard working rural families who need their car for the school run and commuting to work. petrol prices are bad for business, bad for the economy and bad for families.

As a conservative i want to put the money back into peoples hands to spend object themselves and their families not to fund climate change conferences in far flung parts of the world.

If we are going to tax people it needs to be fair and reasonable a description that by now stretch of the imagination could describe the current petrol tax situation. If you live in a rural area your punished, if you run a small business your punished, if you have to commute to work to contribute to the economy your punished and if you have kids and need to take them to school or other activities your punished.

We have seen the pasty tax, we have the petrol tax, i say its now time to AXE THE TAX!