Wednesday, 26 September 2012

NO Benefits for Sugar Daddies and Retired Bankers

Is it right that a millionaire gets his travel paid for by the state but yet a hard working family has to fund all their travel themselves?

Is it right that a sugar daddy gets winter fuel payments to pay towards his holiday home on the Costa Del Sol?

Is it right that retired bankers with gold plated pensions get reduced council tax yet a family of teachers and nurses have to pay their full tax?

The answer to all three of these questions is NO it is not right and I am happy to hear that the coalition have voiced support for the abolition of these benefits for rich pensioners, retired bankers and rich retired sugar daddies! (Ok I have picked on a niche area but true none the less)

What are Benefits?

Benefits are not a saving scheme nor a pension fund to top up your earnings when you retire, benefits are there as a safety net to protect and support the most vulnerable and those in need in society for as long as they need support or to help them get to a point where they can support themselves again.

Yet to often you hear "pensioners deserve this" "Ive paid into this all my life" and "Ive earn't my pension benefits" This is SIMPLY NOT TRUE.

Benefits are an insurance scheme you pay your premiums (tax) and if you are unfortunate enough to need to claim it then you will find support there to help you through your crisis. Like Insurance however if you have paid buildings insurance for 20 years and not made a claim you cants demand your insurance company gives you a new house and pensioner should not be demanding the government and us the tax payer fund their life styles any more than to support those at most in need.

Where to draw the line?

We have drawn the line when it comes to tax credits where we say above this level a family no longer needs the state to provide extra benefits to support them as they are able to support them selves. This line should become a universal benefits threshold anyone earning above this level be it a pensioner or otherwise should receive NO STATE BENEFITS, NO FREE BUS PASS, NO WINTER FUEL PAYMENTS. We have introduced a welfare cap on total benefits payouts and its time to extend that approach to benefits as a whole. Benefits and welfare have got out of hand and represent the main funding destination for our taxes paid to the treasury.

Where else to spend our money?

When we are in the middle of a recession, when we are debating how much to spend on international aid, when we are freezing and reducing other state benefits and when pressure on funds to the NHS are higher than they have been ever before IT IS WRONG that we continue to fund sugar daddies, pensioners world cruises and holiday homes for a minority of well off individuals simply because of their age. As a conservative I want peoples money to go to where it can make the most difference, where it can support a family to get onto their feet, where it can support a child to get through university, where it can fund the creation of more jobs through encouraging private sector stimulus these are just some of the things money currently being wasted could be spent on.

Labour's position

In Liverpool Labour handed out leaflets targeting the richest ward in the city Woolton and "millionaires row" attacking the Liberal Democrats and Conservatives for wanting to take away their bus passes and defending their rights to claim winter fuel payments. Nationally Labour have opposed plans to limit the rights of rich pensioners to claim state benefits and financial rewards they have currently.

Labour opposed the benefits cap and the right of working families to earn more than those claiming state benefits and living in luxurious post codes like Park Lane and Mayfair areas of the UK many hard working families can only dream of living in.

But yet its Labour again standing up for the retired ex bankers, standing up for the sugar daddies with their holiday homes in the Costa Del Sol and standing up for the millionaires in liverpool instead of the hard working families across the UK who are supporting themselves without any support from the state and to the expense of further support that could be provided to single parent families and those from more deprived areas if these millionaires had their benefits stopped.

Supporting Pensioners

I believe pensioners deserve our respect they deserve to be valued and supported when they need support. If you are in need the state should be there to help you back onto your feet or support you long term if you need it. If you need a bus pass to get around because you don't have the financial resources to get out we should be ensuring every pensioner that is in need knows they have access to a bus pass and don't need to feel isolated. I believe that NO pensioner should die or suffer because they simply cant afford to stay warm in winter and our system of support needs to be simple and adequate to meet pensioners needs and not simply a hand out with no regard for the support that is needed.

Campaigning to ensure those with excessive wealth do not receive state hand outs does not mean you don't support those pensioners in need in fact in means that you recognise how important that support is and make sure we have the resources to provide that support and to make sure we are not wasting money that could be better spent on providing more support and a better system as a whole.

I will continue to support pensioners in need and that's why I will continue to support the policies of the conservative and lib dem government that wish to simplify and focus support to those that are in need and not the pockets of retired ex bankers.

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