Thursday, 20 September 2012

Star Trek Politics

Star Trek political voyage...

Growing up I was a bit of a geek, I loved maths, I was top of my class in every subject and I was Star Trek mad!

I had everything from the blue prints of the enterprise to the complete star trek fact files magazine collection!

I grew up in mainly rural parts of the UK Cumbria, Wiltshire, Somerset and Devon, all not known for their "particular diverse" communities and where prejudice existed in abundance. But through watching Start Trek I saw a world where difference was valued not feared, where people from all parts of the universe came together to work towards a common good and to stand up for their communities. This helped me to view the world differently to the racist homophobic home life I was growing up in and to see how the world "could be".

I know that Star Trek is often held up as the example of socialism and left wing politics in action and that how can a Tory feel their politics is so connected to such a representation?

Well the answer is because to me  it was more than a show about economics it was about community and social values. economics doesn't have to be the defining factor in how we view the world yes I believe in a capitalist market approach that promotes growth and encourages development but my social values don't stem from how I view we should manage economies but from a sense of community, love and diversity. Those were the values I saw in Star Trek. People willing to fight to stand up for their community and family, a shared love across the stars for all people even of different species and very diverse communities living in harmony working together and benefiting from each others differences to achieve advancements and developments that help us all.

When we surround ourselves with people who are exactly like us in our workplaces, friendship groups and communities we are surrounding ourselves with the same weaknesses and failures that we have ourselves, we are limiting our opportunities for success and not utilising everyone to achieve our potential.

When we focus on hate, difficulty, and retribution we are preventing ourselves being our whole selves directing energy to unproductive behaviors and waste the potential we would have to achieve if we could just work together.

When we refuse to stand up and support our communities we are refusing to let people support our own weaknesses and vulnerabilities and limiting ourselves to simply the some of the actions we can achieve on our own and we all need doctors, we all need the police and we all need neighbours who care about their communities too.

I believe that we are all individuals, we are all diverse and that communities are what make us strong. Its time we valued that individuality, valued diversity and valued the communities that we all live in only then may we all truly "LIVE LONG AND PROSPER"....

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