Saturday, 8 December 2012

Charlotte Argyle for Conservative Future Deputy Chairman

This Week I interviewed the fabulous Charlotte Argyle who is standing to be the next Conservative Future Deputy Chairman Political and here is how she responded.

1) Why are you a Conservative?

My integral belief in working hard and striving to do the best job I can, so in order to independently build a sustainable future for myself, makes me a Conservative.
The fact that I do believe in a compassionate welfare state for those who truly are not able to look after themselves, makes me a Conservative as well as my belief in the idea that everyone should have the same opportunities presented to them, but that you make your own luck from there.
I strongly believe in personal responsibility and accountability, and I see the Conservative Party as being the only mainstream political organisation to truly value this idea of autonomous striving and aspiration.

2) Why do you want to be Conservative Future Deputy Chairman Political?

I talk of equality in my previous response and a lot of this is what made me choose to put myself forward for this position.
At school, politics was never something heavily on the agenda or something that had active support. Not going to university meant that I unfortunately didn't get involved there and so I got lost in the net.

After a ten year career in sales and consulting, I am now nearly 28 and can see that there are so many others like me who are naturally Conservative but are caught up in their careers or feel that as they did not have a traditional education, they are not part of the same cross section.

I believe it is vital that we ensure a more diverse youth demographic hear our message and to do this there needs to be someone who can reach out to bridge the gap between the City, apprenticeships and university membership. Paul and I can, and will deliver that.

3) Who is your greatest political inspiration and why?

This is obvious for anyone who knows me; Margaret Thatcher. Not because she was the first female prime minister; gender has nothing to do with it, but because like her, I believe in reputation above regulation, particularly in leadership and business roles.

The reason why I am inspired by Margaret Thatcher is that she fought so hard to empower the masses and give a better set of opportunities for all.  She showed a strength of character rarely seen since her term in office, and was able to manage the differing personalities both domestically and globally.  She set the template for what people aspire to in politics today.

4) Who is your greatest non-political inspiration and why?

I simply admire the people I meet every day, who talk to me of their struggles, the people who are just plodding on against adversity and trying to give life a better shot than where they have come from. I volunteer most Christmas days at a homeless shelter, and when I sit and talk to people who have absolutely nothing left or had nothing to start with, and they are so emotionally open and grateful, it makes me stop and think: they are the real bricks of our community.

5) What is your greatest strength and greatest weakness?

Strength... The tenacity to succeed and the ability to adapt to do so.

Weakness... I care so much about wanting people to get engaged in society.  When I meet someone or I see something that isn't right or they are troubled, I cannot let it go.

6) Passion or ideology?

You need both most certainly, but it is the passion which sustains the ideology when things get tough.  To get people really engaged they need to see that you are passionately committed and actually 'feel' what you are trying to do.

7) Would you like to be an MP and why?

My passion is business and that’s where I see myself for the next 15-20 years, so I haven’t really considered being an MP and it doesn’t appeal.

I am a fan of technocrats certainly but it is not a route for me at the moment.

8) What three things should the Conservative Party do between now and the election?

The important thing for the Party is to win a majority at the next general election.  Coalition has been a necessary situation to clear up some of the mess we were left, but I am a Conservative through and through.

I believe that to win the next election we need to do three things: nurture the leaders of the future; re-engage the grassroots of the Party; and remind everyone what Conservative values are. 

Through our leadership of Conservative Future Paul and I will support the Party in doing this. 

We plan a mentoring program to find and skill the councillors and MPs of the future.  We also recognise Conservative Future’s vital role as a campaigning tool for the Party, and will ensure our members are supported and recognised as they campaign across the UK.

As always Charlotte has come across as a passionate and inspirational young women who knows who she is and what needs to be done to help Conservative Future support delivering a Conservative majority in 2015. If your looking for a candidate that believes in supporting the next generation of leaders, who can inspire those around her and has a clear plan to deliver results, I would urge you to vote for her as the next Deputy Chairman Political of Conservative Future, truly the best candidate!