Monday, 28 January 2013

Blue Blairite One Year on....

So it is one year ago today that I finally filled in the forms and took the leap to become a fully paid up member of the Conservative Party and I haven't looked back since.....

Over the last year I have made some amazing friends from across the UK and I've been inspired by the hard work and intelligent views of a whole range of individuals such as:

  • Cllr Clare George-Hilley and her great work with Conservative Future Women (launch event was a great welcome to the party),
  • Deborah Dunleavy an engaging professional women doing some truly fantastic work supporting women to succeed with Women2Win. (always feel inspired seeing what you have achieved)
  • Alycia James one of the hardest working and most down to earth young Councillors I've met and one of the best friends I've made despite living miles apart!
  • Charlotte Argyle a truly passionate positive campaigner who with her work with Conservative Women's Organisation and generally in the party has helped to make me feel valued and engaged with as a working professional women and young member, 
  • Sarah Jane Sewell a fantastic Conservative Future Deputy Chairman who have enjoyed engaging with this year,
  • Cllr Ian Lewis a truly all round package who is one of the party' true diamonds a person I feel privileged to call a friend
  • Cllr Leah Fraser who has done nothing but make me feel welcome in the local party is hard working and a friend who I value a lot
  • Ben Howlett Conservative Future's fabulous chairman who has lead CF from strength to strength and I know will go on to make a wonderful MP (will happy to turn up to help on your campaign!), 
  • Salford bunch who I have enjoyed meeting at many events and sharing campaign geekery with on many occasions!
  • The rest of Wirral Conservative party and Councillors many of who I have enjoyed meeting and campaigning with over the last year and who I am looking forward to hopefully being a candidate for with over the coming year fingers crossed, 
  • Robert Manning a hard working great North West CF Chairman :)
  • Oliver Cooper for being one of the most sensible and knowledgeable  Conservative Libertarians I've met and being an all round engaging guy.
  • Cllr Pamela Hall for your fantastic work ethic, fun campaign sessions and your all round positivity!
  • Tony Caldeira one of the most down to earth people I have met in politics you are under valued, been a pleasure getting to know you this year and working on your campaign for Liverpool Mayor last May
  • Liverpool Conservative Party all of you have been a pleasure to know and made me feel welcome from day one,
  • Esther McVey MP one of the most engaging MPs in Parliament and a pleasure to have as a local MP in Wirral!
  • Louise Mensch who helped start me on my journey by opening the door to the party right at the beginning THANK YOU!
  • Daniel Byles MP who ive enjoyed sharing views and engaging with throughout the yr via social media a real pleasure! 

I'm sure I've missed some other fabulous people but as you can see its been a wonderful year and the friends I've made have made it even better!

I started off the year as a new member disillusioned with politics from my time as a centrist Blairite in the Labour Party and since then I've met the Home Secretary, Several other government ministers, too many MPs to mention, Ive campaigned from Bradford West in the north to Corby in the south, became a party campaign coordinator, a conservative appointed school governor, an approved local government conservative candidate, part of the team planning a new Conservative Future Branch in Wirral and leading on developing the proposal for a new party organisation "Conservative Friends of the Falklands" (hoping party will accept the proposal when we have it developed). I now feel engaged valued and excited about my future and politics in general and know I am in a party who is taking the country in the right direction for a brighter and more sustainable future.

The conservative party values what you bring to the table not who is bringing it or what equality group you come from. I've found the harder you work the more valued your are and the more you get back in return these are the values the party lives by and the values we want to help instill into the country and in government and values which will help deliver a successful society where everyone has equal opportunity to succeed and where diversity is lived not just something you find on an equality tick box form or a glossy Labour Party leaflet.


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