Friday, 4 January 2013

Labour Policy Taken from USA Comedy "Dave"

Today the Labour Party announced a flagship jobs policy "guaranteed job for everyone" designed to attack the Coalition government on unemployment and show they are a serious opposition with serious policies after accusations of them having no policies at all.

However it would appear in an attempt to push off criticism around their lack of policy they have resorted to a rather "unusual method" for policy development. 

Take a USA Comedy hit film about a Man put in the white house to impersonate the president, pick a slapstick policy put in as a simplistic crescendo to the film and then turn it into a real whistle and bells Labour Party branded policy. Simple, creative alternative and they might of got away with it if it wasnt for one thing? The film was shown on national TV last night, oh the irony! (check out the film plot here)

Well at least they tried? They have gone from having no policy to a copy of a comedy policy whats next for Labour? Will we find out Ed Miliband is really just impersonating as leader until the real leader his brother comes back David/Dave?

Or maybe we will see the Labour policy team taking policy from other block buster hits? any suggestions please put on a postcode and send to: 

The Labour Party 
One Brewer's Green

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