Sunday, 20 January 2013

Nothing Wrong With Being a Princess

As a diversity consultant I work every day to help ensure we live in a society that gives everyone equal opportunities to succeed and that services and businesses meet the needs of their communities and markets.

Women have fought long and hard for the right to vote, be allowed to work, earn the same as men and to be viewed as more than just a mother or home maker. I will be the first to stand up against the horrendous violence and abuse that many women still face. However we also face a crisis of identity many women get attacked or feel uncomfortable doing things they enjoy because they are seen as "betraying the feminist cause". 

Well I am here to say men and women are different we do enjoy different things and can be better at different things too. That doesnt mean no women make good soldiers for example or want to be in the army but that more men do and thats not because of society but because of differences between the genders.

We should not be afraid to dress up, enjoy expensive heels, gorgeous evening gowns, sparkling tiaras and go out as the princesses we feel especially if we have a nice partner to spoil us too. I don't feel less equal if I have a nice man buying me cocktails all night and admiring my curves while I grace the dance floor in a flowing evening dress.... in fact I feel rather empowered and in control, especially if I am out with a group of friends and we have spent the evening pampering and spoiling our selves before we headed out to an expensive bar and restaurant. Just because I enjoy being treat like a princess doesnt mean the next day I wont be kicking the same guys ass's in the board room in fact if you know me thats exactly what I will be doing.

Feminism has made leaps and bounds of ensuring women have free will rights and an equal place in society, now we need to make sure it continues to focus on the barriers women still face and violence and abuse that exist in society, not dictating our wardrobe, drink choice or how we like to be pampered by men (or other women) partners.

Every Girl Likes to be a Princess may not be 100% true but for those that do let your hair down put on a tiara and tell the bra burners La Senza had a sale and your not ashamed to show the curves you own!

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