Thursday, 3 January 2013

Public and Commercial Services Union (PCS) Call to Ban the Prime Minister and Attack Rich People in the Northwest

Today the Prime Minister David Cameron, made a visit to the Northwest to visit business leaders in Liverpool. Due to social factors and the cities history, unemployment has been higher here than in other parts of the UK which of course has had a knock on effect on the City's economy. A visit by the Prime Minister you would think would be welcomed as an opportunity to bring growth to the city, a chance for business leaders to talk about the issues they face and look to ensure they are best placed to create new jobs in the city and the North West in 2013.

However despite many including the large contingent of business leaders who turned out to meet and welcome David Cameron, PCS lead a minority of "professional Protesters" in a call to Ban the Prime Minister from the City with the Slogan "YOUR NOT WELCOME HERE" which they used across social networks to attack the Prime Ministers Visit.

PCS have a long history of militant action which has in the past lead to further damage their cause rather than leading to meaningful and positive outcomes. They were the main Union to take a more aggressive stance over pensions despite the more engaging and positive voices from unions such as Unison which displayed trade unions in a negative light to the public especially amongst those who only have access to a private sector pension.

Following todays protest the Regional Secretary of PCS responded to Blue Blairite by saying instead of the PM talking to Businesses to help them create Jobs in the city we should be attacking the growth makers and business leaders themselves with extra tax increases and rhetoric.... hmmm in other words the slogan to the Prime Minster "Your Not Welcome Here" could be directed at business leaders too the very people looking to create growth, jobs and improve the cities economy.

This looks like some in Liverpool want to go back to the dark days of Militant in the city blaming everyone else for the problems and preferring to protest than getting on a bike to find a job. The Left constantly claim that it was Thatcher who wanted to lead Liverpool into a "Managed Decline" after today it looks like PCS have took up that mantle because without the support of the government (who are "not welcome here") or business leaders (who it would appear they want to tax soo much they are "not welcome here" either) Liverpool will be following a managed decline lead by its Militant leaders. Time has come to stand up to these people who are following their own interests and not the interests of the City or the Northwest.

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