Monday, 21 January 2013

Snow Versus Great Britain Time to MAN UP

Many nations around the world put up with extremes of weather be in the freezing conditions of the arctic circle in Canada and Alaska or the Hot dry climate of Australia. In fact "British Weather" is a phrase known around the world too. This week we have seen the BIG CHILL come to the UK with snow and freezing temperatures hit most parts of the country. One might expect Britain's to be responding with that stiff upper lip with a carry on and make do attitude but in reality this couldnt be further from the truth.....

The snow fall the UK has had has not been to the extent of meters of snow on our words or sub arctic temperatures of minus 15 or lower in fact most main routes are clear, most footpaths can be walked on and I didn't need to wear a snow survival suit to leave the house. However despite this businesses are closed, trains and flights are cancelled, hospitals put on Level 3 alerts, workplaces cancelling meetings and people taking a "snow day" having a lie in and not going into work.

We are in the middle of a economic crisis, have a crippling national debt, people are meant to be struggling to pay the bills and businesses on the brink of administration yet some fluffy snow flakes and cooler temperatures make the UK streets and workplaces look like the Mary Celeste. Like the Mary Celeste we have the resources to get us through yet no one is using them. This morning I ventured across half of rural Cheshire via two buses and two short walks to get into the office not through being a superwomen, having special snow shoes (3" heels today) or some kind of supernatural luck but because I had a job to do and today was no different than any other.

Today will of cost the UK £millions in lost work time, capacity and output across various sectors and some people will have even took un paid days off rather then venturing outside in the cold despite how we are all meant to be struggling to budget with our earnings as it is. This is a cost the country can ill afford and demonstrates a fall in work ethnic and attitude of times gone by when people made it into the office come rain or shine.

My message to businesses, transport companies, bin men not collecting bins today, health and safety jobsworths, people who took a snowday and general hysteria please lets be "GREAT" Britain again MAN UP and get back out to work lets get Britain back into the red instead of wallowing in the cold snow and adding to our national debt!

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  1. Tara Hewitt says "Man up" laugh I've had today. Oh, the irony! LOL