Thursday, 23 May 2013

Help give a little girl the chance of life

My friend got in touch on Facebook this week to ask me to help promote a campaign to support a little girl. This little girl is called Amelia Mae shes has been diagnosed with the aggressive form of childhood cancer known as Neuroblastoma. 

Her only chance in fighting this horrendous disease is a life saving trip to the USA and a chance at a newly developed treatment that could give a little angel the chance to enjoy the life she was born to live.

The only way children in the UK can get treatment for this terrible disease one that takes children's lives so young is by getting onto a clinical trial here (which is so difficult) or parents have to rely on the support of charities and fundraising to go to the USA and pay for newly develop treatments not available here on the NHS.

Reading this I was truly touched at the care and love for their children from truly dedicated parents and the strength many of these children have in the face of such terrifying circumstances. Anything we can all do to help support these parents help their children, and to give a child the chance of a life is something that pulls at the core of all our humanity.

Please read Ameila's Story and information about this horrendous disease and help save a life today.

Amelia Mae's Story and Just Giving Page

Learn about Neuroblastoma and UK Charity set up to children and their families


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