Thursday, 26 September 2013

Gay Abused Russian? Dont Worry Because The Olympic Charter Wont Be Broken

"Everything is really magnificent" - The Words of the International Co-ordination Olympic Committee Chairman J
ean-Claude Killy as he describes the up and coming 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi Russia.

Well I have a message for the IOC speak to the teenage Gay boy too scared to come out at school and is contemplating suicide, Speak to the Gay Man beat up and forced to drink urine by neo nazis, Speak to the Bisexual Man abused in the street as Russian Police walk on by. I'm sure "magnificent" isn't the word that would be on the top of their list to describe the situation in Russia right now.

Whats worse is the claim by the IOC president that despite all this people regardless of Sexual Orientation are "Welcome in Russia" well if that's what a Russian welcome looks like I'd rather stay at home thank you.

in 1936 the Olympics was taken to Nazi Germany despite widespread antisemitism racism and the rise of the fascist state. in 2014 the world is going to hand that flame to Russia and the shame of the cruelty delivered to LGBT people will be on the hands of all of those not willing to stand up and condemn the abuse and recognise that allowing a nation that abuses its own people to be the flag bearer for an institution that claims to stand for freedom and peace is beyond parody and blackens the name of all those involved.

I certainly wont be watching the Olympics in 2014 and I hope my friends and allies of the LGBT community will join me in refusing to support the continued abuse of LGBT people through the promotion of one of the worlds largest sporting events being gift wrapped to their abusers.

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