Sunday, 13 October 2013

Think Global Act Local

Guest Article by: Katie Redmond

Katie is a Conservative Parliamentary Candidate and Engineering Consultant specialising in the Defense and Nuclear sectors

I like my politics like I like my sweets, bite sized, neatly wrapped and easy to chew on.

The easiest way to describe conservative politics is minimised taxation and maximised responsibilities. It really is that simple and easy to swallow. We have a shared belief in a small government and a self sufficient society.

There are many different ways to crack the nut or skin the cat, so to speak, but I believe the best person to turn to if you want to change the world is in the mirror.

That's where all your ideas are going to come from, the energy to enthuse others and the vision to work it through. The way to change the world is to change your world. 

And that's what I mean when I say think global act local. You won't get any more local than that. It's more than just a catchy phrase or a fluffy idea. It's your part to play in the theatre of politics and there's no dress rehearsal.

So if you want a small government, low taxes, size 10 jeans, whatever floats your boat, first you have to start the with yourself. 

Even a journey of a hundred miles starts with a single step. And that small step is to ask yourself what small things can be done to chip away at the mountain you're trying to move. If they're small things we can all do, then we can work together to move that mountain pretty fast.

If you're interested in politics and the world around you, you don't need to get elected to start making a difference. There are many things going on around you in your local community that you can lend a hand with, and many hands make light work.

I enjoy spending maybe a couple of evenings a week with local community groups, a couple of hours here and there on a weekend helping out with bits and pieces in my local area. 

Hardly much to mention, but little and often can make a big difference over time. If you can learn something, teach something, fix something or feed something, then you've taken some weight off the state and you're building your own skills at the same time.

When we delegate to the state, we strip ourselves of the fibres that weave the fabric of society. We take out all the goodness, like an over-processed loaf of bread. It satisfies the stomach but it doesn't do us any good.

Start switching to wholesome whole grain, butter up your community and use your loaf. It's been the staple diet of self-sufficient society for civilisations. Let's us shape our future, knead it, bake it, keep it where it works best - in our own hands.

Saturday, 12 October 2013

Pink List 2013 - Tara Hewitt

Taken from the Independent on Sunday Pink List 2013

43. (new entry) Tara Hewitt @Tara_Hewitt


Recently elected chair of Wirral Conservative Future and deputy chair of Conservative Future North West, the trans and human rights activist is being assessed as a potential parliamentary candidate. She is a freelance diversity consultant, sits on a school board and is on the board of the Deafness Support Network charity.

Saturday, 5 October 2013

Student Union Turns It's Back On Armed Forces

Guest article by Charlotte Woods

Charlotte is Chairman of Manchester Conservative Future and an Intern for the growing and innovative think tank Peel Policy Forum. Both can be found on Twitter @charlywoodsy & @peelpolicyforum

I've been a student at the University of Manchester for 13 months now. That’s 13 months I've had to put up with the extreme left that, like the extreme left do, sit in their hierarchical positions dictating what the students of Manchester university apparently ‘want to hear’. As a students union (SU), University of Manchester Students Union (UoMSU) should, in my eyes, be politically neutral and represent all voices on campus to the highest extent they can. Usually, I can grit my teeth and put up with the ridiculously bias and unrepresentative Student Union’s motions, but something happened last week that made me want to kick out and alert people of what the University of Manchester Student’s Union is really like.

Last week, UoMSU took it upon themselves to remove the Manchester University Royal Navy Unit away from the SU building during welcome week – whilst continuing to allow a Socialist propaganda stall to stand outside hurling abuse at me and my peers of a right-wing nature (“Tory Scum”, “Go Home Tories” etc – I’d like to point out I’m a young 19 year old girl who has never been involved in a physical fight, works hard in the education system, has had a job since the age of 15 and has been involved in lots of charity work in my 19 years – I’m not sure which part of me is ‘scum’ but that’s a different issue.) Now this is a problem for two reasons. The first issue with this is, the Armed Forces do an absolutely amazing job in and for this country. To dismiss them as an unimportant and irrelevant to students is disgusting and disturbing. The armed forces are relevant in everybody’s lives. The society had also paid £300 prior to occupy the space from the council – therefore making it the councils business to decide whether the Royal Navy’s presence was appropriate and not the Student’s Union.

The second issue with this, is it is simply another example of the Student’s Union bullying ways, constantly pushing around those that it’s extreme left-leaning leaders don’t agree with, but ignoring what the wider student body thinks. Just this week, the Student’s Union had the chance to decide whether its new policies needed 500 votes in favour of new motions in order for them to be passed. Just 500 students out of 40,000 is just over 1% of students – hardly representative or even a large number, but the Student’s Union blocked this motion, keeping voter numbers even smaller and ensuring that a small number of students, usually those working for the SU or their friends, could vote on motions and pass motions that the SU wanted and not the whole student body. On the same day The Sun was banned on campus due to the small presence of the Ban Page 3 rearing its head in the executive.

By kicking the Armed Forces off campus, the Student’s Union is flexing its left wing muscles and crushing the freedom of speech for others. If you want to see UoMSU apologizing and reinstating the Armed Forces on campus, please sign our online petition. We've got the Student’s Union to apologies before and we can do it again.

To Get involved and support the campaign to defend our armed forces please sign the campaign's petition here:

Photo by Mikey (Flickr) - used under creative commons license